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UPAREis simple, but more meaningful.


We have insight into the subjective feelings of users in the process of every project.


Thinking determines behavior and behavior determines result, we think about everything with divergent thinking.


We are not a big company, but a big team. We are firmly on the road of industry university research.


Since 2006, our team has provided services to many small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users. In their eyes, we are very reliable.

Excellent cases
Special upare

Low key person, high key work.

Upare is not a top team in this field, nor is it synonymous with this field. We are just a gathering place for young technology practitioners. People here have a dream, that is to be recognized, we always believe that sincerity can overcome all obstacles.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Project implementers will not guarantee you to master the latest cutting-edge technology, but we have a strong team of experts behind us, which can guide the implementers to complete professional learning quickly. Experts are all from internationally renowned universities.

Unified goal

Both Party B and Party A, all our members integrate into the position of customers and guide the project with the most real needs.

It is business and making friends

Customers are intangible assets, wealth and power to upare. First make friends, then do business, charm to win the hearts of people, pay attention to emotional investment is our code of conduct.

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